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Protect the Right to Bear Arms

Jim Pitts is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  Jim believes that it is a Constitutional right to be able to own and carry firearms, and will fight to protect this country’s heritage and God-given right to bear arms.


Defend Private Property Rights

Jim Pitts has voted to protect citizens from eminent domain abuse.  Jim was a strong supporter of the eminent domain bill that passed during the 82nd Legislative Session and understands the value of private property rights.


Stop Illegal Immigration

In his role as Chairman of the Committee charged with balancing the state’s budget, Jim has seen firsthand the escalating costs of illegal immigration. To fix it, Jim supports greater penalties for companies that knowingly employ illegal immigrants.  Jim amended a key piece of legislation this past session to ensure that only Texas citizens are able to obtain and renew drivers’ licenses.


Create Jobs

Since we elected Jim Pitts, Texas has been called the “job creation capital of the nation.” In fact, Texas has created more jobs over the past ten years than all other states combined. Jim will continue the fight to reduce regulations and cut taxes that prevent employers from keeping Texans on the job.


Protect Life

Jim Pitts is 100% pro-life.  He has been endorsed by Texas Right to life and has a very strong record on Pro-Life votes from the 82nd Legislative Session and before.



To date, Jim has received endorsements from Texas Right to Life,  the Texas State Teachers’ Association for his work in the 82nd Legislative Session, and Comptroller Susan Combs.