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Texas State Representative Jim Pitts, District 10

While New Year's Day is often a time of celebration and resolutions, January 1, 1947, proved to be an eventful day in lives of Roy and Agnes Pitts. Blessed with not one, but two sons, the Pitts family was soon busy caring for twins Jim and John and their older sister, Rosemary.

Sadly, Roy passed away in March, 2001. A former chairman with Lone Star Gas and Ensearch, Roy and Agnes lived in their retirement home on Cedar Creek Lake at the time of his passing. Agnes remains there, is in good health and enjoys the company of her daughter, Rosemary, and her husband, Bob, who live nearby.

Jim's twin brother, John, lives in Houston where he is an attorney. A former chaplain in the Texas Senate, John's frequent visits to the Capitol have resulted in several humorous incidents where the identities of Jim and John were confused, especially when individuals were not aware that there were "twin" Pitts.

Jim met Evelyn Eastham from Waxahachie while they were both students at Southern Methodist University.  Jim and Evelyn were married for 33 years at the time of her untimely death as the result of an auto accident in June 2004. 

Evelyn Eastham Pitts left a great legacy to both her family and community.  Evelyn's first priority was to raise the three Pitts children.  She was also very active in community and church activities.  Evelyn served on the Board of Directors at both Baylor Medical Center/Waxahachie and the Hope Clinic. 

Other organizations that benefited from her involvement were the Waxahachie Foundation, the Ellis County Museum, and the Waxahachie Garden Club.  A member of the First United Methodist Church in Waxahachie, she served on various church committees, including the committee to purchase an new pipe organ for the  sanctuary.  Evelyn was honored by being chosen First Lady of Waxahachie in 2003.

Duffy and Scott
Jim and Evelyn's oldest daughter, Duffy, and her husband, Dr. Scott Bloemendal, live in Dallas where Duffy works as an occupational therapist at Central Methodist Hospital in Dallas, and Scott will complete his surgical residency at Baylor Hospital in August, 2004. Duffy is a graduate of Waxahachie High School, where she was very active in school functions. Duffy completed her undergraduate degree at SMU and later attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where she received her training as an occupational therapist and Scott received his medical degree.

A graduate of Waxahachie High School and SMU, Ashley is currently serving as Financial Administrative Director for the Republican Party of Dallas County.  Previously, Ashley has worked on various campaigns, including President George W. Bush's, and interned with Congressman Joe Barton of Ennis.  She has accepted a position to work on the Texans to Re-elect President Bush Committee during the 2004 election cycle. 

He's 18 and is enrolled for his senior year in high school.  Ryan is currently visiting college campuses.  Ryan is an avid hunter and sportsman. He also enjoys attending professional and college sporting events, especially when the University of Texas is involved. His hobbies include ample time on the computer, visiting with friends, and playing lacrosse.

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