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Home News Rep. Pitts files first bills for 81st Legislative sesson
Rep. Pitts files first bills for 81st Legislative sesson PDF Print E-mail

AUSTIN - Representative Jim Pitts filed the first bills of his legislative agenda for the 81st session today. The legislation filed today is a result of requests and suggestions from constituents in Ellis and Hill Counties, and covers a variety of topics.

"These first pieces of legislation represent issues and concerns brought to me by constituents over the last year and a half," said Representative Pitts. "I expect to file several bills this session, but these are some of the most significant, because they have a direct impact on the lives and work of people in this district."

A list of the legislation filed today, and a brief summary:

  • HB 226 - Relating to prohibiting employers from requiring employees to make certain charitable contributions. This bill would prohibit employers from terminating or suspending an employee who declines to participate in a charitable campaign.

  • HB 227 - Relating to an exemption from investigation company license requirements for certain information technology professionals. This bill addresses an issue that arose from legislation passed last session that has been interpreted to require that individuals that repair personal computers be licensed as private investigators.

  • HB 228 - Relating to a defendant's payment of the costs of legal services provided by court appointed counsel in a criminal case. This bill addresses language changed in 2001, which restricts a court's ability to recoup court appointed attorney fees unless a defendant's case is pending or the defendant has been convicted, which has created a financial burden on many counties. HB 228 would restore the original language.

  • HB 229 - Relating to bond or insurance requirements for applicants for or holders of certain on-site sewage disposal system-related licenses. This bill requires that to be licensed to install an on-site sewage disposal system, an individual must be bonded or insured for damages resulting from the person's work.

  • HB 230 - Relating to exempting certain schools and non-profit athletic or sports associations from certain demand charges by transmission and distribution utilities. This bill would exempt public and private schools and non-profit athletic groups from paying the demand charges on electric meters installed at their facilities.

  • HB 231 - Relating to local regulation of distance requirements for businesses selling alcoholic beverages near a public school. This bill would allow the school board in any municipality in Texas to petition the county commissioners court to establish a 1,000-foot alcohol-free zone around public schools. Current law restricts this ability to municipalities with a population of 900,000 or more.

"I look forward to working on these issues next session," said Representative Pitts. "I would encourage anyone in this district to contact my office if they have issues or concerns they feel need to be addressed this coming session."


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