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2001: A Year To Remember

A few years ago, I served as chairman of the Major Information Systems Subcommittee which was charged to make every effort to see that the state's universities and agencies were Y2K compliant. When January 1, 2000 arrived, we found very few problems. While diligent efforts may have minimized the problems, many were left feeling that Y2K was not all it was cracked up to be.

If 2000 seemed uneventful, we know that 2001 has certainly moved to the forefront as one of those years that will be spoken of in the decades to come.

As we enter the holiday season and reflect on the year 2001, several things come to my mind. In May, my daughter Ashley graduated from Southern Methodist University. As with all graduates, the excitement soon gave way to the reality of finding a job. A few years ago, Ashley interned with Congressman Joe Barton in Washington, D.C. and this positive experience whet her appetite to find a job there. After countless interviews and leads, Ashley was thrilled when she received a job as a confidential assistant to the Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

Working near the White House and other Washington landmarks, placed Ashley in the heart of our nation's capital.

Then came September 11.

You can imagine the concern my wife Evelyn and I shared as the day's events unfolded. With the subsequent anthrax problems, I can assure you that no parent relishes the thought that their child is so close to these frightening events. Yet, as parents, we have to support our daughter and the efforts by President Bush and our nation's leaders to eradicate this vain attempt to derail our democracy.

As we approach Christmas and the end of 2001, I do trust that you will find the many things that we have been blessed with this year. Out of the turmoil that we have faced as a nation, we have seen such a wonderful and heart-rendering resurgence in patriotism. In our small ways, we have adorned red, white, and blue on anything we can think of, and I have seen many bumper stickers on vehicles throughout the district.

Yet, more than this, I believe we have seen a recommitment to not only our country, but to our families, and our God.

Whatever your faith may be, I trust that you will find peace in your home and family during the holidays. And as we enter 2002, pray that God will truly continue to bless America.

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