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This is an easy endorsement — not because incumbent state Rep. Jim Pitts is running unopposed in the March Republican primary, but for his outstanding record of leadership and service during his tenure representing District 10 in the Texas Legislature.

Without question, Rep. Pitts has been a tremendous advocate for Ellis and Hill counties, representing our needs and voices in Austin. On nearly a daily basis, his office fields requests for assistance from our communities — requests from individuals needing help in cutting through bureaucratic red tape, requests from our city leaders needing state help in resolving transportation and infrastructure issues that will pave the way for new development and jobs, and requests to provide testimony and insight on upcoming legislation. When it comes to constituent service, Rep. Pitts and his staff respond, and for that, we could not ask for a better representative.

However, his dedication to duty does not stop within the borders of District 10. Serving in numerous leadership positions in the Legislature, Rep. Pitts has worked diligently on behalf of every Texan. Indeed, his record of service and dedication stands on its own merit.

He researches the issues thoroughly, often spending time “on the front lines” of an issue to learn what Texans have to say, and how they will be impacted by legislation under consideration.

A protégé of former Gov. George W. Bush, the two have similar legislative styles. Neither is afraid to stand up for what he believes in. That said, they both also acknowledge that they were elected to work with other elected officials to carry out the duties of government.

Rep. Pitts has certainly done that, working with colleagues in both the House and Senate — and at times serving as a bridge-builder — to keep Texas moving forward.

Jim Pitts has served District 10 with honor and distinction. He deserves to returned to office, and we strongly endorse his re-election.

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