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Rep. Pitts to Lead State Technology Committee

Speaker of the House Pete Laney has named State Representative Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie) to serve as co-chair of the Legislative Oversight Committee for Electronic Government Projects. The committee will oversee the establishment of electronic projects by the Electronic Government Program Management Office, which is a function of the Department of Information Resources. Rep. Brian McCall (R-Plano) and Rep. Scott Hochberg (D-Houston) were also named.

According to Carolyn Purcell, Executive Director of the Department of Information Resources, the committee has the opportunity to create significant savings in state government.

"I am thrilled that Rep. Pitts was selected for this task. He worked with this same community on Year 2000 issues and was an insightful and effective leader. He was clear in his mission and always available. I am looking forward to his continued leadership on technology issues," said Purcell.

"There are many major technology initiatives in operation which cross state agency lines. Through this oversight committee, we will have the means to mandate cooperation and avoid redundancy and excessive costs," said Rep. Pitts.

The state senators who will be serving on this committee will be named at a later date.

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