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Jim discusses legislation with fellow House members, Rep. Warren Chisum of Pampa, Speaker pro tem Tom Uher of Bay City, and Rep. Kino Flores of Mission.
Jim and Rep. Ray Allen of Grand Prairie discuss appropriations matters relating to regulatory agencies. Jim serves as chairman of this subcommittee.
Jim confers with his desk mate, Rep. Buddy West of Odessa, on the floor of the Texas House.



Jim was pleased to serve on the Redistricting Committee during the past two session. Ellis and Hill Counties will continue to be a legislative district for another ten years. Rather than have 3 state senators and 3 congressmen represent portions of Ellis and Hill Counties, we will have 1 state senator and 1 congressman.
Jim's Capitol office staff stay in touch with Jim while he is at work in the House Chamber. Early in a legislative session, most of Jim's time is spent in committee meetings, but as the session progresses more and more of his time is on the House Floor. By the end of May, long days and nights are spent in the House Chamber debating various bills which will impact millions of Texas.


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