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Governor Perry Visits Waxahachie

A packed house greeted Governor Rick Perry when he visited Waxahachie on Monday, September 17, 2001. Hosted by Rep. Jim Pitts, over 200 people overflowed the Crape Myrtle Room of the Waxahachie Civic Center, which was festooned in red, white, and blue. With the tragedies of September 11, heavy on the hearts of those in attendance, a patriotic fervor was very evident. Local school children who were present reminded each individual of why it is important that we protect the freedoms found in America.

Governor Perry answered questions from the audience and spent extensive time greeting local residents. A light-hearted moment was enjoyed by all when the students from Northside Elementary in Waxahachie sang an original song entitled "R-I-C-K-P-E-R-R-Y."


By the end of the legislative session in May, many of Jim's colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives asked him if there was anyone left in Ellis and Hill Counties who had not visited him in Austin. And that's just the way Jim likes it.

Jim was pleased that so many from the district were able to make the trek down I-35 to see state government at work. Both Hill and Ellis Counties have special days in which local officials and citizens are recognized at the Capitol. Countless school groups also visited and enjoyed tours of the Capitol, the Governor's Mansion as well as the new Bob Bullock State History Museum. We are proud that the late Bob Bullock hailed from District 10 having grown up in Hill County.

Jim also is a frequent speaker at civic clubs, local organizations, churches, and schools.

In any of these settings, you will find Jim to be responsive to constituents and their needs. Dinah Weable, district manager, handles hundreds of constituent concerns each year. Many individuals can testify to the assistance she so capably provides. Although some issues are either federal in nature or are beyond our ability to resolve, we can assure you that we will do our very best to provide you with knowledgeable information.

Our Capitol office staff can verify that during a legislative session, Jim's number one priority is constituents. When you call or write about an issue of importance to you, it does matter. Each day, Jim is provided with a daily floor packet which will include information on all of the bills up for consideration. One of the key things he looks for is how constituents have responded. Obviously, there are bills which will have comments that are both pro and con, but this information is vitally important for Jim to study as he makes a decision.

As always, know that you are always welcome to visit our offices. When visiting the Capitol, many groups find that advance planning makes a visit to Austin much more enjoyable. Dinah or Reggie will be glad to arrange tours which will be timed appropriately for your schedule, age, and interest.

Jim at Work

With 150 state representatives spending untold hours on the House Floor during a legislative session, it is vitally important to have a representative who is able to work with a variety of personalities, interests, and philosophies. Jim has endeavored to build relationships with his colleagues which cross geographic and political boundaries.

For example, one particular bill may be especially important to those representing rural counties. Another bill may affect counties which are dealing with issues related to their proximity to urban areas. When feral hogs are destroying crops in Hill County, you may need help from a legislator in El Paso or downtown Houston, this is only accomplished by developing a relationship with fellow legislators.

Jim has been successful in passing many bills which benefit District 10, but this has been accomplished, in part, to the help provided by friends of various backgrounds who serve in the legislature.

Agriculture and Rural Issues

Although District 10 (Ellis and Hill Counties) matched the 20% growth rate experienced by the State of Texas in the Nineties, many in our district still rely on agriculture for their livelihood. Nearly all in the district express a great concern over water and other issues relating to development.

For this reason, Jim has stayed very attuned to rural issues and sponsored successful legislation relating to rural water during previous sessions. Jim's office also worked with staff members from other rural districts to ensure that Jim and his colleagues were kept abreast on the impact various legislation might have on rural counties.


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